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About Us

Origin of Leading Dentists

Leading Dentists was created in 2003 by graduates of Core Curriculum at the Las Vegas Institute of Advance Dental Studies. We set out to help those suffering from the commonly misdiagnosed symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) learn about their condition, and obtain relief from properly trained providers of neuromuscular dentistry.  Here are our goals.

Help TMJ Disorder (TMD) Sufferers.

The pain that TMJ disorders may cause can be debilitating.  Studies show that it may severely disrupt the personal and professional lives of an estimated 15% of the population.  In the United States it’s estimated that for every 100 million working adults, TMJ disorder symptoms contributed to 17.8 million lost work days annually, a staggering overall economic consequence. These TMD sufferers commonly miss work and often self-limit their social lives as a result of TMD. The disorder affects sufferers in the form of migraine pain, ringing in the ears, head-neck-shoulder pain, tingling fingers, jaw popping or jaw locking, and can lead to sleep apnea.  Millions of people needlessly take prescription painkillers and other medications in an attempt to deal with pain in their temporomandibular joint while more effective treatment is available.

Work Only With Highly Trained Dentists.

Only highly trained LVI graduates may be listed at Leading Dentists.  The curriculum teaches neuromuscular dentistry as a treatment for TMJ disorders.  This focuses on aligning the jaw properly and can effectively remediate TMD’s symptoms.   Many of the patients treated by LVI graduates did not realize relief could be provided by a trained D.D.S. however, they are specially trained to spot a bad bite, or malocclusion and to make the best recommendation for treatment. Using advanced equipment to make this diagnosis, LVI-trained neuromuscular dentists— there are only a few thousand worldwide—are able to determine an optimum position for a patient’s jaw joint, the position that does not strain the muscle system of the head, neck and face.  It is that strain that leads to the debilitating pain TMD sufferers report.  Their approach is described in detail in articles here on www.leadingdentists.com.  These dentists have unique post-dental school training and proper equipment that allows them to accurately diagnose complex occlusal (bite) issues and ensure patient comfort.

Raise Awareness For TMD / TMJ Conditions & Provide Trustworthy Information.

Thousands of people who suspect they have TMD visit www.leadingdentists.com every month to search for information about their chronic pain. On this site they can then find a TMD dentist near their home.  Many of these people suffering through TMD have already seen their family physician, many have been referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) without finding relief from what the medical community often calls unresolved atypical facial pain.  Others have been getting some but not complete relief from their pain prior to visiting a TMD dentist listed here.  These drugs may mask the symptoms and not impact the cause.  They may even include prescription painkillers, and most often Immutrex. Complete relief only comes when they see a TMD dentist who can permanently correct what is causing their pain.  

Connect Sufferers With Proper Relief

Many patients with a TMJ condition have suffered for years, yet relief can be almost immediate and without surgery.  Neuromuscular dentists treat the condition with custom orthotics or bite appliances that allow the jaw to rest in the proper position and trains the muscles with proper movement.  Surgery and drugs may be a last resort in extreme cases but aren’t the right way to approach relief as they may not be effective and may have serious side affects.  The first step in proper relief is to consult a TMJ disorder dentist with training and experience to diagnose and treat the condition




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