A Thought to Chew on: Pain Keeping People From Work

A Thought to Chew on: Pain Keeping People From Work

June is National Headache Awareness Month and here’s a thought to chew on: the pain keeping you from work may be caused by your bite. If you suffer from chronic headaches including migraines, you may benefit from consulting with a specially-trained neuromuscular dentist.

According to the National Headache Foundation, over 45 million Americans suffer from headache pain sever enough to seek help from a physician and approximately 28 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. This headache pain causes an estimated loss of 157 million workdays. The root cause of this pain can be that the muscles of the face, head and neck have to close the jaws so that the teeth all touch together. A misaligned bite strains the muscles in the head, neck and back and causes pain – just like flexing your arm for a second is comfortable, but flexing it for 2-3 minutes starts to hurt; having to hold the teeth together in a poor position will cause pain in the muscles. This disorder is referred to at TMD, tempromandibular jaw joint disorder. Chronic headaches and migraines are symptoms of TMD.

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TMD is a treatable condition here’s how:

  • First, a specially trained neuromuscular dentist does a comprehensive evaluation, including a computer analysis of your jaw muscles, to find the jaw’s optimal position.
  • Then, a jaw-repositioning orthotic—which looks like an athlete’s mouth guard—is used to temporarily maintain this new relaxed position. Patients often report pain they have endured for many years dissipates or even goes away entirely in a matter of days.
  • Finally, the patient can be fitted with crowns and veneers to permanently hold the new pain free jaw position.

Many patients report almost immediate pain relief and end up with a beautiful smile that can help restore their confidence personally and professionally. Learn more and locate a neuromuscular dentist at www.leadingdentists.com.

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