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Jaw Clicking and Popping

Jaw Clicking, Jaw Popping and The Bad Bite

One of the more common symptoms of TMJ disorder (also known as TMD) is a clicking or popping sound when you open and close your mouth. In this article, Leading…

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TMJ in children

Do Children Get TMJ Disorder?

While most TMJ pain and TMD sufferers are adults, the disorder occurs rarely in children. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) has identified cases of TMJ in infants, children…

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tmj disorders in women

TMJ in Women, What do We Know? | Leading Dentists

Like many other workhorses of the body, when your TMJ is functioning properly, you don’t even realize it is there.  The fact is that women experience sever issues with their…

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Popping balloon

Why is my Jaw Popping

Exploring TMJ Disorder Symptoms: Crepitus “Why is my jaw popping?”   Do you experience clicking, cracking and popping when your jaw opens or closes? Sometimes we all experience temporary jaw sounds….

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Kick these 5 bad habits and reduce TMJ symptoms

Kick These 5 Bad Habits & Reduce TMJ disorder discomfort You’ve been diagnosed with TMJ disorder and you’re not sure what to do about it. Likely, you’re suffering from jaw…

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Dental device for TMJ disorders

Choosing a TMJ Mouthguard

          Choosing a TMJ Disorder Mouth Guard: Once you’ve been diagnosed with a TMJ Disorder, the next question is: “What should I do to treat my…

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Oral Care and Its Impact on Health

Taking care of your teeth and mouth is about more than maintaining an attractive smile. Your oral health reflects on the rest of your physical health, too. How Oral Health…

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Treatments for TMD

All cases of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) aren’t caused by the same condition or set of conditions. Often times, TMD is blamed on stress, even though that is simply an…

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Can early treatment prevent me from having other dental problems in the future?

We have a very important responsibility in helping our children to grow into healthy and productive adults. Unfortunately sometimes the rulebook either has pages missing or is completely wrong! There…

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Your Kids and TMJ problems..

The only thing harder than watching your children suffer is watching them suffer when modern medicine doesn’t have the answers! Although I have not had to watch my kids in…

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