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Why is my Jaw Popping

Exploring TMJ Disorder Symptoms: Crepitus “Why is my jaw popping?”   Do you experience clicking, cracking and popping when your jaw opens or closes? Sometimes we all experience temporary jaw sounds….

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Kick these 5 bad habits and reduce TMJ symptoms

Kick These 5 Bad Habits & Reduce TMJ disorder discomfort You’ve been diagnosed with TMJ disorder and you’re not sure what to do about it. Likely, you’re suffering from jaw…

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Which Type of Toothpaste is Best For Your Teeth?

Not all teeth are created equal, and neither are all toothpastes. Did you know that toothpaste has become a rather specialized market? No longer will plain old Colgate or Crest…

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Investigating TMD Symptoms: Jaw Muscle Stiffness

There can be many causes of jaw pain and stiffness. A stressful situation can make you clench your teeth and jaws so tightly that you feel some residual soreness and…

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How Do Neuromuscular Dentists Diagnose Me?

Anyone who has had temporomandibular joint issues knows the pain and myriad symptoms it can cause. Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ disorders) are those that relate to the muscles…

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