Dentistry’s Dirty Little Secrets

Dentistry’s Dirty Little Secrets

One of the greatest things I discovered as a dentist going through my educational journey is that there is WAY more left to learn and discover than what we currently know. It is easy to fall into the thinking that dental school has all the answers, but in reality the education in a dental school is as much guided by funding and bias as it is by pursuit of knowledge. The dental schools have an enormous task of being in the position of growing the new dentists in the profession into active learners and then helping to point them in the right direction, but that is where their influence should end…

There are a number of things that are unfortunate realities, and one of them is that the better dentists must spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and money to be able to utilize the rapidly advancing cutting edge of dentistry. With new innovations coming forward all the time and creating better and more capable dentists as a result, it is only those who are committed to learning that are supporting the profession and their patients as they should. One of the most celebrated Continuing Education facilities for Dentists is the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. While more information can be found at , the important point is that it is places like LVI that make dentists better and make dentistry easier!

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The reward to the patient is that those dentists who have completed the Core Continuum at LVI are able to help to eliminate chronic and often debilitating pain – those dentists are the ones who can stop migraines and correct airway and breathing problems! That is a secret worth sharing!!

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