How does an orthotic need to fit?

How does an orthotic need to fit?

Had a great questions about where the orthotic is supposed to touch, front teeth? back teeth? both?

That is a great question and to a certain extent it will depend on the individual bite. However, in the VAST majority of the cases it is only critical to have the back teeth touching. The idea is to get the lower jaw relaxed in space so that it is in a position that the supporting muscles can relax and be comfortable. Then support that relationship with a bite that is stable and comfortable. That takes care of getting the jaws to meet when you are all the way closed. The other part of the game is to make sure you can open and close without banging into anything – and to do that it is usually a very good thing to have a little open space in the front, and especially in the orthotic stage.

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In the majority of cases, if I have contact in the front of the mouth in the orthotic I will clear it out from canine to canine and then after we settle the bite in and know what the chewing cycles are like, then if there is room we can tighten it back up or create contact. Or not. The front teeth contacting is important when we are biting, like a piece of pizza, but otherwise they shouldn’t come into function.

I hope that helps, but if I’m not being clear – or I raise another question, feel free to ask away!

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