Migraine – Is there a cure?

Migraine – Is there a cure?


That word is enough make some people sick to their stomachs. Is there a cure for Migraine? Or is it a life sentence that can only be “managed” with medications for the rest of ones life?

When I met Annick G. in 2005, her parents’ understanding was that there is NO cure for her condition. She will live with it for the rest of her life. They were so happy that the latest medication was working sooo much better than the ones before.

The problem was, she was still getting daily headaches. But they were not like they used to be, when she will get nauseous and vomit and had to be picked up from school. Annick was only 10 when I met her. When I asked how long she has had Migraines, she replied with a long sigh…”most of my life”. She sounded like an old woman. Yet she was right. She started having migraines when she was only 5 years old.

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When I educated the parents about Neuromuscular Functional orthodontics (NFO) they were all ears. When they understood that we – Neuromuscular dentists – would diagnose the precise jaw position where all her jaw and neck muscles are unstrained and later move her teeth to that position, it made sense to them. If the jaw and neck muscles tension is relieved, the migraine may be reduced gave them hope.

Her migraines gradually lessened as we proceeded with treatment. After 4 years of NFO, Annick’s treatment was completed in 2009.She is off braces – off medications -and migraine free! She has a pretty smile as a bonus.

Is there a cure for Migraine? Neuromuscular dentistry may offer that cure for many Migraine sufferers. As Annick’s parents found out, they have little to lose, when the alternative is a life time of medications that dull the central nervous system.

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