Neuromuscular Dentists Alleviating Chronic Pain

Neuromuscular Dentists Alleviating Chronic Pain

We continue to hear stories from across the country that those who suffer from chronic pain are finding relief in the chair of a neuromuscular dentistTemporomandibular disorder commonly known as TMD or TMJ affects approximately twenty-eight million Americans. Symptoms include seemingly untreatable headaches, neck pain, popping of the jaw joint and sleep apnea. Painkillers and Botox injections only mask the symptoms, they don’t solve the problem.

“When your bite is not right, it can lead to chronic pain,” says Dr. Mark Duncan, clinical director at theLas Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. TMD is treatable: specially-trained neuromuscular dentists use comprehensive work-ups and in-depth computer analysis to determine the jaw’s most comfortable resting position. Then, a jaw-repositioning orthotic – much like an athlete’s mouthguard – is used to maintain this relaxed position. Once placed in an orthotic, some patients report their suffering goes away entirely in a matter of days. Once the jaw’s optimal resting position is found, patients can be fitted with crowns and veneers to permanently hold the pain-free jaw position. You can click here to find a neuromuscular dentist near you.

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