Foods choices for TMJ

Reducing TMD Pain with a TMJ Care Diet.

If you read the headline of this article and you are still reading, you are likely suffering from TMD and are looking for any tidbit of information that can deliver…

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The Roots of Neuromuscular Dentistry (Part 1)

Up until the late 1950s, there was no such diagnosis as TMD (temporomandibular disorder). And it wasn’t until the 1980s that there was any kind of formal diagnosis or treatment…

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Investigating TMD Symptoms: Ear Pain

Ear pain is one of the worst kinds that we can experience. It affects everything from being able to hear to maintaining balance, and can be miserable to deal with…

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Oral Care and Its Impact on Health

Taking care of your teeth and mouth is about more than maintaining an attractive smile. Your oral health reflects on the rest of your physical health, too. How Oral Health…

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Which Type of Toothpaste is Best For Your Teeth?

Not all teeth are created equal, and neither are all toothpastes. Did you know that toothpaste has become a rather specialized market? No longer will plain old Colgate or Crest…

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The Basics Behind Sonography of the Temporomandibular Joint

If your dentist or physician suspects you are suffering from TMD, they may decide you should have a joint sound study, or ​​sonographic analysis, to verify your diagnosis. This may sound…

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Treatments for TMD

All cases of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) aren’t caused by the same condition or set of conditions. Often times, TMD is blamed on stress, even though that is simply an…

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Is Lockjaw the Same as TMD?

There seems to be some common misconceptions regarding the term “lockjaw.” On the one hand, many TMD sufferers will complain of a condition they call lockjaw. On the other hand,…

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Investigating TMD Symptoms: Dizziness

One symptom that many with TMD experience and yet often dismiss is dizziness—and that can be a problem in more ways than one. First, let’s look at the connection between…

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Investigating TMD Symptoms: Nighttime Headaches

A headache at any time can be a real source of discomfort and stress. But nighttime headaches exacerbate tiredness and stress after a long day—all you want to do is…

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