Your Kids and TMJ problems..

The only thing harder than watching your children suffer is watching them suffer when modern medicine doesn’t have the answers! Although I have not had to watch my kids in…

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How does an orthotic need to fit?

Had a great questions about where the orthotic is supposed to touch, front teeth? back teeth? both? That is a great question and to a certain extent it will depend…

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Migraine – Is there a cure?

Migraine! That word is enough make some people sick to their stomachs. Is there a cure for Migraine? Or is it a life sentence that can only be “managed” with…

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Tension Headaches – there has to be help!

Cindy came in the office complaining “It’s happening again. Seems like every day at 2:30 or 3:00, the headaches start.” She described a dull and thick sensation at the temples and then…

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Dentistry’s Dirty Little Secrets

One of the greatest things I discovered as a dentist going through my educational journey is that there is WAY more left to learn and discover than what we currently…

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Dental Science Creates the Winning Edge

SPECIALLY-TRAINED DENTISTS GIVE SAINTS ADDED EDGE TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL Part of the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory is attributable to the science of neuromuscular dentistry. This season…

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