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tmj sufferer with tinnitus

TMJ Disorder Symptoms: Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

  As we’ve mentioned previously in these blog articles on TMD or TMJ Disorder, people who suffer from this condition often face a confusing diagnosis process. Often, TMJ disorder causes many…

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Foods choices for TMJ

Reducing TMD Pain with a TMJ Care Diet.

If you read the headline of this article and you are still reading, you are likely suffering from TMD and are looking for any tidbit of information that can deliver…

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Investigating TMD Symptoms: Ear Pain

Ear pain is one of the worst kinds that we can experience. It affects everything from being able to hear to maintaining balance, and can be miserable to deal with…

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The Basics Behind Sonography of the Temporomandibular Joint

If your dentist or physician suspects you are suffering from TMD, they may decide you should have a joint sound study, or ​​sonographic analysis, to verify your diagnosis. This may sound…

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Treatments for TMD

All cases of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) aren’t caused by the same condition or set of conditions. Often times, TMD is blamed on stress, even though that is simply an…

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Is Lockjaw the Same as TMD?

There seems to be some common misconceptions regarding the term “lockjaw.” On the one hand, many TMD sufferers will complain of a condition they call lockjaw. On the other hand,…

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Investigating TMD: How Do Genes Play a Role?

Researchers have conducted a number of studies on TMD patients, trying to determine if hereditary factors play a part in the onset of TMD or in the development of TMD…

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