Tension Headaches – there has to be help!

Tension Headaches – there has to be help!

Cindy came in the office complaining “It’s happening again. Seems like every day at 2:30 or 3:00, the headaches start.” She described a dull and thick sensation at the temples and then it spreads across the forehead. On really bad days it picks up at the back of her head too. She told me that Excedrin doesn’t touch the pain and the stuff from her physician doesn’t work and she ends up feeling stoned. “Help me please! Didn’t you say my bite could be causing all this?”

Cindy isn’t alone; a lot of people suffer from “Tension Headaches” and are told there isn’t any help or hope. Oddly enough, the best first step is actually going to the dentist! Not just any dentist, but a Neuromuscular Dentist. With training from places like the Las Vegas Institute, the Neuromuscular Dentist can actually support the jaw in a place where the muscles are comfortable. When those muscles are comfortable, the tension in the muscles melts away. The real question is: why hasn’t anyone told you, before now, that the muscles in your temples are jaw muscles? The muscles that cause the pain are related to your bite! Knowing that, the best thing you can do for any headache is to visit a Neuromuscular Dentist!

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Cindy’s headaches ended with the help of a Neuromuscular acrylic appliance. If it works for her, it just may work for you!

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