Dental Training Testimonials

Dental Training Testimonials

In the Dentists’ Own Words

LVI graduates describe the advantages of an LVI education and the benefits their patients experience due to this training.

“Neuromuscular dentistry has allowed me to become a physician of the mouth. I can now help people to alleviate years of pain and suffering. I fill completely satisfied when I can help a patient get out of pain and recapture their life.”

“After taking the neuromuscular courses at LVI, I immediately went home and called 20 patients that I previously told that there was no remedy for their situation. I used the principles learned at LVI, and within 2 weeks all of the patients had eliminated or lessened their pain. This is truly amazing what we can do as dentists.”

“This is the first time I have understood occlusion since dental school.”

“After practicing dentistry for 16 years, I still had many unanswered questions about optimal patient care. After learning the neuromuscular principles, I now have the confidence to treat more difficult patients that are experiencing severe pain.”

“With this knowledge, I now have the tools to diagnose and treat my patient’s TMD, headaches, myofascial pain, and craniomandibular disorders. It opens new vistas of treatment for my patients that I never know existed.”

“Neuromuscular Dentistry has changed enhanced every facet of my patient care. From an intangible perspective, this knowledge has increased my comfort level and confidence as a physician of the mouth.”

“Neuromuscular Dentistry is the culmination of the way dentistry, medicine and beauty can and should exist.”

“Having taken courses all over the United States and from many wonderful clinicians, I can honestly say that LVI has had the greatest impact on my practice and ability to provide my patients with the very best. From esthetics to reconstruction and TMJ, it is amazing how LVI has been able to consistently provide leadership, innovation, and knowledge. I am truly grateful and proud to be a part of LVI and it shows in all our patients’ smiles all over the world.”

“We treat the whole patient, not just their teeth. We take many factors into account, including fears, concerns, hopes, and dreams. Clinically, we also look beyond the teeth to the muscles of the jaw, which can play a profound role in the stress and pain associated with bad oral function.

Neuromuscular dentistry is an area of treatment that can mean the difference between continued discomfort and a completely healthy person. It is especially critical for the young person to begin adult life with correct oral function.”

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