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TMJ disorder womanTMJ disorder flare ups are painful and can effect every aspect of your life, but you don’t need to suffer without help any longer.  

Searching Leading Dentists network of temporomandibular joint disorder specialists will help you find the most qualified dentist in your area.  Get the professional help of a trusted and experienced dentist that specializes in the area of TMJ disorders.  

We have done the heavy lifting for you.  Every single TMD dentist that you will find on Leading Dentists has been trained in the highly effective practices taught at LVI, one of the countries top institutes of continuing education for dentistry and TMJ disorders. They focus on the techniques that impact the root cause of your TMJ disorder and treat surgery as a last resort.  

Search & find a TMJ disorder dentist in your area.  Start the road to a pain free smile today!


Top areas for a TMJ disorder dentistry:

TMJ Dentists in Houston, TX

TMJ Dentists in New York, NY

TMJ Dentists in San Diego, CA

TMJ Dentists in Atlanta, GA

TMJ Dentists in Calgary, Alberta

No matter where you are, we have a highly trained neuromuscular dentists that have complete TMD training through completion of the prestigious LVI Core VII program.  This provides them with the ability to properly diagnose the cause of TMJ pain and provide effective relief from painful TMD symptoms.  The vast majority of dentists and health professionals are not trained in TMJ disorder treatment and may not have the knowledge or tools to properly recommend the best treatment.  Neuromuscular dentists understand that many of these disorders have come from a misaligned jaw however they also know the right questions to ask in order to find out if this is related to a more serious issue like arthritis, infection or a number of other causes.

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