Ahmed Soboh, DDS

Ahmed Soboh, DDS

Soboh Dental Care

Soboh LogoSoboh Dental Care is conveniently located at:

101 West Mission Blvd., Suite 221   Pamona, CA  91766

Phone: (909) 330-1001

soboh imagePamona, CA TMJ dentist Dr. Ahmed Soboh, thanks to extensive post-doctoral training, is considered an expert in neuromuscular dentistry and in treating TMJ disorders. Dr. Soboh studied aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies(LVI).  TMJ dysfunction is the result of a disharmony between the way the jaw joint works and the way the teeth and bite work. Often, patients struggling with TMJ are misdiagnosed by other medical specialists because TMJ so often seems like something else: migraines, ear pain, and neck pain. Dr. Soboh is adept at diagnosing and helping patients improve their jaw alignment, thereby relieving years of pain while also revealing a healthier, more beautiful smile.  He stands out because of his devotion to ensuring the best patient experience for each and every patient. 

“I’m driven to relieve my patients’ pain because TMJ is so treatable and the pain is unnecessary.” – Dr. Ahmed Soboh



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