Brian Witt, DDS

Brian Witt, DDS

Terrace Smiles Dentistry

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Phone: (813) 867-0029



Witt Image 2Tampa TMJ dentist Dr. Brian R. Witt is known in the Tampa area for providing superior, state-of-the-art dentistry with an emphasis on aesthetic and neuromuscular treatment. Often, Dr. Witt sees patients who have suffered for years with head, neck and face pain due to improperly diagnosed TMJ disorders. TMJ often mimics other conditions, such as migraines and even ear infections, so these patients are surprised when Dr. Witt explains that he can deliver them from pain using the latest in neuromuscular dentistry techniques.  Dr. Witt received his training for TMJ treatment at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI).  He is dedicated to constantly learning and constantly improving his service and education as a TMJ dentist, introducing himself to new techniques and technologies that improve the experience for his patients. Contact Dr. Witt for a TMJ Assessment!

“I feel a particular sympathy for people who suffer from the pain of TMJ. It is tremendously fulfilling to return them to pain-free living.” – Dr. Brian Witt




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