David Frey, DDS

David Frey, DDS

Dr. David S. Frey DDS

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Dr. David S. Frey DDS is conveniently located at:

462 N. Linden Drive, Suite 414    

Beverly Hills, California   90212

Phone: (310) 870-9987



Frey imageBeverly Hills TMJ dentist Dr. David Frey is a sought-after neuromuscular specialist serving the dental needs of the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas for more than 20 years. Dr. Frey is a leading expert in neuromuscular dentistry, which emphasizes the importance of the position of the jaw, teeth, and surrounding tissues, and has treated hundreds of patients with persistent pain from TMJ disorder.  He has been featured on Fox News, the Learning Channel and Discovery Health. He was also featured in People Magazine for his work on celebrity musician, Elliot Yamin. A graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), Dr. Frey uses state-of-the-art computer imaging to build designer smiles that keep patients healthier, happier and younger-looking.  Dr. Frey stands out because of his devotion to ensuring the best patient experience for each and every patient.  Contact Dr. Frey for a TMJ Assessment!

“I am immensely proud of the beautiful smiles that I see on my patients when they are done with treatment. Many people go from shy non-smilers to these gorgeous people who love to smile. It’s life-changing.” – Dr. David Frey




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