F. Michael Firouzian, DDS

F. Michael Firouzian, DDS

Firouzian Dentistry

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Columbus, OH TMJ dentist Dr. Michael Firouzian, affectionately known as “Dr. Mike” by his patients, has striven to learn all that he can in order to better serve his patients. Unlike some dentists, Dr. Mike hasn’t isolated himself to a single school of thought on TMJ treatment, but has learned many different approaches, giving him a more flexible approach to diagnosing and treating TMJ patients.

Another thing that sets Dr. Mike apart from other Columbus TMJ dentists is his absolute devotion to his patients. Often, it is almost as if the TMJ pain is hurting him as much as it is his patient—he is that driven to try to find a solution. And that’s the reason why many people who haven’t been able to find TMJ relief working with other doctors or dentists can find relief when working with him.

Dr. Mike invites anyone looking for Columbus TMJ dentist to contact him and learn for themselves what sets him apart from other dentists. Contact his office to schedule an appointment.

Diverse Education for Flexible Treatment in Columbus

TMJ remains something of a mysterious condition. It has such a diversity of causes and symptoms that it barely fits under a single label. Pretending that there is just one approach that can act as a “silver bullet” to eliminate the condition does patients a disservice. That’s why Columbus TMJ dentist Dr. Mike has embraced many different approaches to TMJ education and treatment.

Dr. Mike has of course studied at LVI, achieving the prestigious rank of Fellow. LVI is the world-famous training site for neuromuscular dentistry, dentistry that deals with the combined function of muscles, nerves, and other tissues in the jaw. This provides a solid bedrock of understanding for his approach as a TMJ dentist.

However, he has also earned the rank of Fellow with the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics. This international and interdisciplinary organization is dedicated to broadening our understanding and treatment of TMJ. From Columbus, Ohio to Columbia in South America, TMJ is a worldwide problem and TMJ dentists around the globe are working to solve it. Great treatment comes from incorporating the best insight by the best minds in dentistry.

Along those lines, Dr. Mike is also a member of the International Association of Orthodontics. While many Columbus TMJ dentists may be at odds with orthodontists, Dr. Mike considers them his ally in the battle to provide optimal treatment for his patients. He has even sought to better understand the role of orthodontics by receiving additional training the Rondeau Seminars.

The link between sleep apnea and TMJ is also poorly understood and may not be prioritized by many Columbus TMJ dentists. But Dr. Mike is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and among his training is a mini-residency in TMJ and Sleep Treatment, linking the two conditions into a more comprehensive approach.

When you are looking for a Columbus TMJ dentist, ask yourself: am I looking for someone who has only one way of looking at things and will my condition fit their view or would I rather have someone who can look at my condition flexibly with a variety of approaches at his disposal?

If you want the latter, you want Columbus, OH TMJ dentist Dr.  Michael Firouzian. Contact his practice today for a TMJ Assessment!





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