Frederick Abeles

Frederick Abeles

Frederick Abeles DDS

Abeles LogoDr. Abeles’s office is conveniently located at:

2300 Windy Ridge Parkway  Suite 220  Atlanta Georgia  30339

Phone: (770) 280-0761


Atlanta TMJ Dentist

Dr. Frederick Abeles

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Atlanta TMJ Dentist, Dr. Frederick Abeles has over 30 years experience as a dentist.  As a Clinical Instructor and Regional Director at the Las Vegas Institute, Dr. Frederick Abeles is considered one of the best dentists in the country, particularly in the area of neuromuscular conditions, which includes what is commonly called TMJ or TMD. Dr. Abeles also instructs and mentors dentists from all over the world on the latest neuromuscular technologies and techniques. Often, patients visit Dr. Abeles after seeing other medical specialists who have said that their pain is a “mystery,” and Dr. Abeles is able to quickly resolve their condition.

“TMD is nearly impossible for other doctors to diagnose, but I can diagnose the symptoms quickly, leading to treatment and improved quality of life.” – Dr. Frederick Abeles




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