Jess Santucci, DDS

Jess Santucci, DDS

Jess Santucci, DDS

Santucci LogoJess Santucci, DDS is conveniently located at:

61 Avenida de Orinda

Orinda, CA 94563

                                                                        Phone: (925) 266-3131


Santucci ImageOrinda, CA TMJ dentist Dr. Jess Santucci graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, and has been serving the East Bay area for over 24 years. As a TMJ dentist, he is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest possible level of satisfaction by treating them like family and ensuring them the best possible care. He helps patients achieve pain-free living through his comprehensive neuromuscular dental practice in Orinda. Dr. Santucci is a general dentist who enjoys applying his extensive experience and education to TMD/TMJ and neuromuscular treatments. He has received training in TMJ treatment at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), and he has applied this high level education in his Orinda practice to treat jaw pain, headaches, and related TMJ symptoms. Patients suffering from face, head and neck pain are often unaware of the dental treatments available to help rid them of pain. Dr. Santucci, thanks to extensive continuing education courses and certifications, is adept at helping patients improve their jaw alignment, thereby relieving years of pain while also revealing a healthier, more beautiful smile. Contact Dr. Santucci for a TMJ Assessment!

“I have helped many patients escape the awful pain of TMJ disorders.  It is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my practice.” – Dr. Jess Santucci




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