Lance Timmerman, DMD

Lance Timmerman, DMD

Lance Timmerman DMD

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Dr. Timmerman’s office  is conveniently located at:

7100 Fort Dent Way  #270  

Tukwila, Washington  98188

Phone: (206) 319-9475



Timmerman ImageTukiwila, WA TMJ dentist Dr. Lance Timmerman is a leader in the dental industry.  He is constantly striving toward expanding the skills, techniques, and knowledge implemented in modern patient care. His innovative methods have positioned him as one of the most prestigious experts in dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry in America. has helped many patients suffering from jaw, head and neck pain due to conditions which includes what is commonly called TMJ or TMD, to achieve pain-free living.  He has recieved training in TMJ treatment at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI).  In a three-step diagnosis and treatment process, Dr. Timmerman first relaxes the muscles of the jaw, helps you to achieve proper jaw and bite alignment, and then creates a plan to maintain this proper bite for the rest of your life. Often, patients suffering from migraines, tooth grinding and jaw pain find speedy relief from Dr. Timmerman’s muscle-relaxing technologies, and lifelong relief thanks to improved jaw alignment.  Contact Dr. Timmerman for TMJ Assessment!

“Patients who believe they have exhausted all their options often find relief in my clinic. We are passionate in our quest to treat TMD conditions.” – Dr. Lance Timmerman




Address: 7100 Fort Dent Way #270, Tukwila, WA 98188, USA
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