Timothy J. Isaacson, DDS

Timothy J. Isaacson, DDS

Point Family Dentistry

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10611 France Ave S  #201  Bloomington MN  55431

Phone: (530) 285-4300


Issacson imageBloomington TMJ dentist Dr. Timothy J. Isaacson has earned degrees and certifications in several dental specialties, including oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, IV sedation and dental implants.  He is also a recognized expert in neuromuscular disorders, including TMD and TMJ. Dr. Isaacson understands that these disorders involve the complex interaction among a patient’s jaw, teeth, muscles and bones, and each patient’s case is unique. Diagnosis requires both comfortable interpersonal skills and advanced technologies to arrive at the source of a patient’s problem. Often, treatment can relieve a patient’s suffering much more quickly than expected.  Dr. Isaacson stands out because of his devotion to ensuring the best patient experience for each and every patient.

“I will do everything in my power to deliver my patients from their pain.” – Dr. Timothy J. Isaacson




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