Neuromuscular Dentistry Information

Neuromuscular Dentistry Information

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Headaches including migraines, back and neck pain can be related to very common dental problems. If your teeth don’t align correctly chewing can overwork the face and jaw.

You may be surprised to learn that a specially-trained dentist can stop the pain without using prescription drugs. They’re called neuromuscular dentists and they treat issues behind your smile that can lead to discomfort.

Dr. Bill Dickerson, founder of LVI Global, trains neuromuscular dentists worldwide. He says:

“The relationship between your teeth, muscles and joints is complex. Neuromuscular dentistry properly combines the relationship of all three- and successfully treats patients with chronic migraines, head and neck pain and jaw popping. The result is a healthier mouth and pain-free life- without prescription drugs.”

For more information on neuromuscular dentistry and a list of dentists in your area, visit

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