Patient Testimonials

Hearing what people who have used Neuromuscular Dentistry to resolve their symptoms have to say about their experience is one of the best ways to get a feel for what Neuromuscular Dentistry is really about.

During my initial exam we discussed my symptoms and how my bite had closed down over the years. My facial muscles always felt so tense. I lived for at least ten years with this facial muscle and TMJ area soreness. Recently, the pain started to worsen. I have also had neck, back, and headache pain for as long as I could remember. I usually took 4-6 Tylenol or Motrin per day to alleviate the pain.

You used your neuromuscular techniques to find the precise jaw position for me. I really did not understand the full significance of what was happening, but the results were unbelievable. All of my facial muscle pain, headaches, and other symptoms I had lived with for the past ten years went away.

Michael F.
Hoffmann Estates, IL

I started having severe neck pain and headaches. After many diagnostic medical procedures, it was finally concluded that there was nothing organically wrong and I should just learn to live with the pain with the aid of analgesics. After my neuromuscular treatment, I am totally comfortable, clenching and bruxing are now minimal and I have no more neck pain or headaches. Needless to say, I’m convinced the neuromuscular approach is the correct path for dentistry.

Brian F.
Seattle, WA

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