TMJ Tinnitus Symptoms

TMJ Tinnitus Symptoms

A ringing ear, or Tinnitus, is another symptom of TMJ that is commonly misdiagnosed and often goes untreated or is treated ineffectively.

In many cases ringing in the ears is one of the results of having a strained bite in which the jaw is not aligned. The jaw area of the face is a complex network of muscles and nerves, and when the bite is misaligned muscles and nerves throughout the head, including the ears, can be affected.

If your neuromuscular dentist diagnoses the cause of your Tinnitus to be an unstable or misaligned bite, he or she can work with the source of the problem by stabilizing and realigning the bite so that the entire jaw area works together without pain. Your bite will be back to its normal position, relieving the ringing in your ears that was caused by the misaligned bite.

Click here for more information about how neuromuscular dentists treat tinnitus related to TMJ.

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