TMJ Sensitive Teeth Symptoms

TMJ Sensitive Teeth Symptoms

Sensitive or sore teeth are common symptoms of TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). If the teeth are the cause of TMJ then any or all of the teeth may be sore. The teeth may also become sensitive because of clenching or grinding the teeth, a common action in many people, when the TMJ disc is displaced.

Unfortunately, when seeking relief from this tooth pain many patients are misdiagnosed and may even go as far as having the nerve from the tooth removed with root canals or even having the tooth extracted. The worst part is that these measures may not relieve the pain, and can actually make it worse!

Neuromuscular dentists relieve sensitive and sore teeth related to TMJ by going to the source of the problem—the “ bad bite ” and misaligned jaw. In most cases, correction of the bite can be accomplished without the use of surgery, and patients report long-lasting pain relief.

Click here for more information about how neuromuscular dentists offer TMJ relief by treating sensitive and sore teeth.

Other TMJ Disorder Symptoms:

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