TMJ Symptoms

TMJ Symptoms

common TMD symptoms

If you are suffering from TMJ Disorder than you really understand how important jaw function is.  A joint disorder in the jaw can result in extended flare ups or in acute pain.  By learning more about the cause of your TMJD symptoms you can better integrate self help or find the right tmj specialist to diagnose the symptoms and recommend effective treatment.

Your jaw joint is one of the most complicated joints in the body.  When it is working correctly it is able to function in a way that no other joint can and it enables us to chew, yawn, and create jaw movements that are used over 10,000 times a day.  Learning about your symptoms and finding the best professional help will allow shorter recovery times and better management of your TMD symptoms.

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The TMJ is made up of six main components and when any one of these components is not functioning at it’s highest level it can result in a myriad symptoms, many can be very painful.  This is referred to as a TMJ disorder or TMD.  The most common TMD symptom is likely a warning sign of a clicking jaw that can occur when the TMJ is out of alignment.  However, symptoms can be much more serious such as migraine headaches, sleep apnea, lockjaw or neck or shoulder pain.


Diagnosing TMJ Symptoms

Many health professionals do not know how to appropriately diagnose TMJ dysfunction symptoms.  This is simply due to the fact that the medical community is still learning so much about the relationship of the TMJ to other medical issues.  The most important part to treatment is understanding your TMD symptoms and finding highly trained medical professionals that can assist in proper diagnosis and TMD treatment recommendations.

Leading Dentists is a resource that you can trust to provide thoroughly vetted information on TMD symptoms and insight into how trained neuromuscular dentists diagnose each symptom to alleviate TMD pain.  Every article on TMD symptoms is reviewed by teachers at the largest and most prestigious neuromuscular dentistry education institute in the nation, LVI.  So please feel free to learn more about your TMD symptoms here and get started on the road back to proper TMJ function.



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